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3 06, 2020

Partners in these unprecedented times


Your Content Goes Here Has your practice suffered financially due to Covid19?   We're here to help!   At Go CardConnect, we pride ourselves in serving private practice Physical Therapy business owners. Focusing on this specific group allows us a deeper understanding of the unique needs that each of our clients is facing. Often [...]

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9 05, 2020

Remote Pay in the Post Covid-19 Realm


May 3, 2020: We are not yet through the COVID-19 pandemic and trend analysts are already predicting future changes to how we do business and interact. These changes could be in place for a long time to come and may even become permanent. CNBC predicts a permanent shift to remote work, a decline in office meetings [...]

Remote Pay in the Post Covid-19 Realm2021-02-22T22:12:19+00:00
11 08, 2017

Blueprint for secure healthcare payment solutions


All the Physical Therapists we speak to enter the field out of a desire to treat the whole person, not just the injury. As Aaron LeBauer put's it, each phone call a Physical Therapists receives could be the deciding factor between surgery or a comprehensive healing approach. But owning a Physical Therapy practice requires [...]

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1 03, 2017

Calling all Physical Therapy Technology providers!


Private practice owners depend on a lot of technology to help them manage their business, and physical therapists are no exception. Multiple choices exist for everything from Practice Management, EHR, Patient Engagement, Telemedicine, Scheduling Software, billing platforms and secure payment processing, to name a few. With so many options, what criteria is used to determine [...]

Calling all Physical Therapy Technology providers!2021-02-27T22:09:17+00:00
22 02, 2017

Why is your developer choosing your integrated payments vendor?


Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we’re typically spread thin and lean heavily on specialists to help us fill the gaps in our expertise on specific functions of our business. Emphasis on getting our product to market in the shortest time-frame often means thorough vetting of potential vendors is left for a later date. The problem with this model is that [...]

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15 02, 2017

The case for secure payments for your business


With the continued rise in data security breaches, merchants are on the lookout for a secure payments solution that will shield them from liability and fraud. One solution for stands out as the “New Standard” for card data acceptance. The process of Point to Point Encryption (P2PE), encrypting the card data at the point of sale, and tokenization, which replaces the card data with an irreversible [...]

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14 02, 2017

Secure messaging automates patient payments


For Physical Therapists, remaining in constant communication with your patients is sometimes a critical component of the completion of their prescribed treatment plan, which is tied directly to many of the key KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) your practice should be tracking. With communication tied so closely to patient payments, and the constant strain on private practice owners to manage [...]

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13 02, 2017

The Uber Model – Frictionless payments for Physical Therapists


The Physical Therapy community could learn a lot about patient satisfaction from the Uber model.  The “new standard” in on-demand transportation has enabled anyone to simply tap their mobile phones and have a taxi arrive at their location. Along with descriptions and ratings, we now know who will be arriving, when they will arrive, and exactly how the payment will take [...]

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27 08, 2016

For best in class Secure Payments, See Cardpointe


With the increasing threat of card data security breaches and the complexities of PCI Compliance, every business that accepts credit cards must adopt a secure payments platform that provides the latest in card data security. With the highest concentration of data breaches happening at Retail locations and Healthcare Providers, it is clear that criminals are becoming more efficient and bold in their attempts to steal [...]

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16 08, 2016

Interchange Plus pricing guarantees best credit card processing rates


Let’s face it, understanding the cost structure proposed by most payment processors can be a daunting task. In fact, most businesses that accept credit cards for payment don’t really understand everything they are being billed for. This is by design. By creating complicated pricing structures, downgrade tiers and binding contractual terms, the payment processing industry is notorious for attempting to confuse the [...]

Interchange Plus pricing guarantees best credit card processing rates2021-02-27T22:56:20+00:00
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