With the increasing threat of card data security breaches and the complexities of PCI Compliance, every business that accepts credit cards must adopt a secure payments platform that provides the latest in card data security. With the highest concentration of data breaches happening at Retail locations and Healthcare Providers, it is clear that criminals are becoming more efficient and bold in their attempts to steal customer data. As we’ve seen with Target, Home Depot and other high profile breaches, the results are often severely detrimental to their brand, customer confidence and their bottom line.

Tim Critchley, CEO of Semafone
Converting to a secure payments platform is easy, and often bring added benefits previously never considered.  For example, leveraging card data encryption and tokenization not only secures the card data from cybercriminals, but it allows for easy storage for use in future payments; Card on FileRecurring Billing / Payment Plans and refunds.

Introducing CardPointe!

The CardPointe Terminal is a simple solution that provides an unmatched level of protection for every card transaction that is processed. Easily accept multiple payment options, including magnetic stripes, EMV/Chip Cards, as well as NFC payments like Apple Payand Android Pay. Since it seamlessly integrates with the CardPointe platform, transactions are easily managed within the CardPointe dashboard providing real time, life cycle reporting from any web browser or mobile device.
The CardPointe terminal is protected by CardSecure, a combination of point-to-point encryption(P2PE) and our patented tokenization. This ensures that your customers’ payment data is instantly protected at the point of entry, and ensure secure transmission for processing. Additionally, since the card data is encrypted from the device, the Scope of PCI Compliance is virtually eliminates.




Easily set up Cardpointe for Secure Payments!

Plug-in and Play! Hardware arrives programmed and ready to use. Check out the video below for detailed overview.  For more detailed functionality, see the Quick Reference Guide.



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