Eliminate Scope of PCI Compliance

25 07, 2016

Leverage Integrated payments to improve the user experience


Some say that Payment processing is a commodity and variables that set one payment vendor from another are becoming blurred. This is overwhelmingly true for payment vendors that primarily promote stand-alone hardware for accepting payments. But, what about integrated payments? If payment processing is embedded into another  application, how does it improve the user experience? And, how many payment processors have an established model, secure processing technology, and the [...]

Leverage Integrated payments to improve the user experience2021-02-27T23:33:00+00:00
8 02, 2016

How we help LinkEdge users


LinkEdge users are a unique group of business owners dedicated to their craft, and offering the best service and support for their customer base. You’ve recognized the value offered through the platform, and feel comfortable navigating the easy design and using the support tools. You’ve trusted them to upload inventories and add connections with your [...]

How we help LinkEdge users2021-02-27T21:40:33+00:00
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