LinkEdge users are a unique group of business owners dedicated to their craft, and offering the best service and support for their customer base. You’ve recognized the value offered through the platform, and feel comfortable navigating the easy design and using the support tools. You’ve trusted them to upload inventories and add connections with your Vendors. If you’re using LinkEdge to it’s full potential, you’ve even encouraged your vendors to sign up for a free account so you can see instant inventory levels and create a true partnership between you and your vendors.


See how the Free, integrated EMV solution has saved LinkEdge users $1,000’s in fees.

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Another area where LinkEdge has demonstrated a forward thinking attitude was their ability to forsee the pending problems facing their customer base with the EMV Liability Shift in October 2015. Recognizing the potential financial liability LinkEdge customers could be facing, the LeumTech team quickly developed and launched an integrated, EMV solution. In fact, LinkEdge beat most of their POS competitors with a fully functional EMV solution before the 2015 Holiday shopping season.

“After looking at several EMV solutions, I was completely unimpressed” says Scott Leum, President of Leum Technologies. “I called Tom, and asked if he could help. Within 30 days, we implemented a fully operational EMV solution for our customer base”

The LinkEdge and Go Cardconnect integration works seamlessly, and has significantly improved check-out processes for those businesses that have implemented it. Designed to take you “Out of Scope” for PCI Compliance, the solution removes all sensitive card data from your processing environment, reducing the compliance requirements significantly. Additionally, the integrated solution offers true “off-line” processing, allowing you to easily switch to dial-up for processing transactions.

Believing in true partnerships, Go CardConnect understands the issues facing LinkEdge users and proudly offers Cardpointe, our secure payments platform, Interchange plus pricing and innovative payment options like Apple Pay to our strategic partnership. We look forward to bringing value to your business.

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