All the Physical Therapists we speak to enter the field out of a desire to treat the whole person, not just the injury. As Aaron LeBauer put’s it, each phone call a Physical Therapists receives could be the deciding factor between surgery or a comprehensive healing approach. But owning a Physical Therapy practice requires so more than simply a passion for healing. Like any business owner, the Physical Therapist is often times the lease negotiator, marketing manager, billing department and anything else that demands immediate attention. With so many challenges, how do successful “Medprenuers”ensure they are always implementing proven models to keep their calendar booked solid, and their patients coming back? They seek professional advice, especially when it comes to secure healthcare payment solutions.


See how one Physical Therapist sought advice from an industry professional for healthcare payment solutions

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When seeking professional services, most Physical Therapists seek guidance from peers and thought leaders in their space. Who else to trust for recommendations than successful medprenuers. There are specific reasons these individuals are successful, right? Why not leverage the tools and processes these individuals have implemented in an effort to emulate the successes they’ve achieved?


Where can Physical Therapist influencers be found?

There are multiple FaceBook pages dedicated to helping individuals open and run successful Physical Therapy practices. For Cash Based Physical Therapists, there is a vibrant community of peers helping one another tackle some of the biggest challenges facing private practice owners. For starters, check out Cash PT Nation moderated by Aaron LeBauer, Cash Based Physical Therapy 101 Forum, moderated by Ron Miller or Physical Therapy Business & Entrepreneur Accelerator, moderated by Ben Fung. Join the group and ask for recommendations for any service you’re looking to fill.


What do these influencers say about improving patient collections?

Improving patient collections is a critical area for Physical Therapists and requires a comprehensive approach. From the financial policy you have with your patients to the platform you use for the collection of fees, most Physical Therapists would prefer to avoid this conversation altogether. But, armed with the right tools, collecting the patient payment could lead to significantly improved patient relations. Think about Uber. One of the reasons the experience is positive is because there is no delay once you arrive at your destination. Apply this Uber Model to your private practice and replicate many of the successful practices employed by Physical Therapy leaders Aaron LeBauer of Lebauer Physical Therapy, Joe Simon of Manhattan PT and Darryl Elliot of Elliott Physical Therapy.


Which vendors do these Influencers recommend?

Each of these Physical Therapists have owned their own practice for 5, 10 and 15 years and have seen many payment processing platforms come and go. They’ve evolved from the simple credit card terminal on their desk, and need a payment platform that offers secure card data storage, the ability to set-up payment plans and easily bill a card on file. These practices need to provide convenience for their patients for Online Bill Pay, they need a platform that works nicely with third party billing companies, but most of all, they need healthcare payment solutions that understand the needs of Physical Therapists.

Each of these providers, along with 1,000’s of other individual private practice owners have chosen Go Cardconnect. Go Cardconnect works closely with Physical Therapists and has solution designed to fit the specific needs of these specialists.


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