May 3, 2020: We are not yet through the COVID-19 pandemic and trend analysts are already predicting future changes to how we do business and interact. These changes could be in place for a long time to come and may even become permanent. CNBC predicts a permanent shift to remote work, a decline in office meetings (in person), and that job seekers will seek jobs offering remote work. Work spaces will be spread out, business travel will be cut, and the interest in attending conferences and conventions will go down.


The long term changes in social interactions are harder to predict, but as people come to rely on remote work, remote meetings, and the technology that drives it, it is easy to predict that both health care and legal services will move to a more remote format of service. This format shift opens up the possibility to work with and see patients and clients outside the local office radius. In such an environment, it is critical that practitioners align their business practices and offer flexible, secure payment options through a secure, hosted payment solution. Providing the option to pay bills online has proven to increase collections and improve office efficiencies. Customers not only appreciate paying bills on their time, but also value the convenience of doing so.


While offering such a service on your website can be quite technical to establish on the back-end, it couldn’t be easier to set up and install our remote payment option! Our Hosted Payment Pages [ sample page ] can be customized with your logo and stylized to resemble your site for a clean look. In doing so, offering your clients a secure, easy way to pay remotely. This is an example of one solution among a suite of payment options offered by Go Cardconnect, but it can be a stand alone service as well.


The bottom line: Make it easy for people to pay you! Collect payments from your website and/or through our custom payment links. To learn more and get ready for the remote revolution, schedule a demo today!

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