Partners in these unprecedented times

Has your practice suffered financially due to Covid19?


We're here to help!


At Go CardConnect, we pride ourselves in serving private practice Physical Therapy business owners. Focusing on this specific group allows us a deeper understanding of the unique needs that each of our clients is facing. Often times that simply means understanding the need for multiple payment options, or providing patient financial forms to securely store credit card data, or the personal touch and attention we offer in set-up and support of our Physical Therapy patient payment solution.

As we all know, 2020 brought a new set of challenges that none of us were prepared for. As partners in your success, we want to offer support in these tough and unprecedented times. We understand that many practices have had to shut their doors, and have no means to treat their patients. For this reason, Go Cardconnect is offering a refund for any monthly minimum fees our merchants were assessed during this pandemic.


If your practice has suffered financially due to current events, please contact your Go Cardconnect sales representative, or email to claim your refund today.


Thank you for your continued support.


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