Physical Therapists are increasingly trying to leverage technology in order to streamline operations. Platforms that enable scheduling, automated emails and full function Practice Management applications continue to improve the efficiency of each private practice. But there is one, often overlooked, technology that has a direct impact on profitability : Online BillPay

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Enabling your Physical Therapy private practice with Online billpay is easier than you think! Most practices can add this feature to their website without ever bothering your website developer. All you need is a space to put a “Pay Here” button, and you’re commerce enabled.

Following are Three reasons why your Physical Therapy website needs to offer Online BillPay:

  1. Faster payments – Allowing flexible payment options has proven to improve patient collections. In fact, most patients will view a reminder to pay on their mobile device, allowing for revenue capture whenever you patients are ready to pay.
  2. Streamlines Office – If patients are paying their Physical Therapy bills online, they are not calling your office, leaving messages or spending 5-10 minutes capturing the credit card data over the phone.
  3. Secure Card data capture – By capturing payment on your Physical therapy website prior to office visits, you’re creating a secure payment profile for each patient which can be used in the future. Combined with the right financial template, you can streamline operations to the point where you never ask for payment.

The most interesting fact about Online Bill Pay is the fact that over 60% of Private practices do not offer this incredibly efficient collection option. Unlike other payment options, providing the ability to pay on line does not have to add a layer of compliance or complication. In fact, by leveraging the right solution, on line billpay can be part of an overall strategy to completely remove your practice from the scope of PCI Compliance.


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