For Physical Therapists, remaining in constant communication with your patients is sometimes a critical component of the completion of their prescribed treatment plan, which is tied directly to many of the key KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) your practice should be tracking. With communication tied so closely to patient payments, and the constant strain on private practice owners to manage more tasks, the need for automation is critical.

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Enter: The Mobile Phone

We’re all guilty of it. We carry our mobile phones everywhere we go and check it frequently. In fact, if your Private practice is not already leveraging a mobile patient engagement strategy, you may be missing out on significant revenue opportunities. Applications that specifically focus on the Physical Therapy community, such as Vinitial, allow for the secure messaging between patient and provider without the need for exchanging phone numbers.

According to a recent study of over 1.5 billion push notifications, users open push notifications within minutes of receiving them. Apple users tend to open the messages almost 10 times sooner, but the results are ultimately the same.

“If you have something important to communicate with your patients, the most effective tool is push notifications.”

The same goes for Patient payments!

Achieving revenue goals for your private practice includes the need to improve collections and capture payments when is it most convenient for them. A secure messaging push notification of a patient balance, along with a secure payments platform, guarantees collection of the payment when it is convenient for the patient. This may happen after hours or early morning. Who knows. Everyone has different and busy schedules, so expecting patients to pay their bill when it is convenient for your practice, is simply not practical.

Uber has payments right!

One of the most attractive features of Uber is the elimination of the friction around payments. Bringing this model into the Healthcare space will result in higher patient satisfaction, greater referrals of friends and family, and ultimately, the growth of your private practice.

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