Private practice owners depend on a lot of technology to help them manage their business, and physical therapists are no exception. Multiple choices exist for everything from Practice Management, EHR, Patient Engagement, Telemedicine, Scheduling Software, billing platforms and secure payment processing, to name a few. With so many options, what criteria is used to determine the best physical therapy technology provider for each specific function?

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Our goal at Go Cardconnect is to interview a wide range of technologies providers in the PT space and get some answers to your questions. Through our video series, Technology in PT, we’ll be interviewing large and small companies that provide technology solutions for Physical Therapists. Find out what specific problems these technology companies are solving, and how it may impact your private practice.

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If you’re a technology company providing solutions for Physical Therapists, reach out to schedule your interview. If you’re a Physical Therapist and you’re debating over which technology solutions to implement in your business, let us know. We’ll research Physical Therapy technology providers and interview subject matter experts to get you a broader perspective regarding the topics that concern you. All of this will be delivered with an un-biased view of the technology, and the specific problems they are solving for Physical Therapists.

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