Download our template for a successful Patient financial policy and Card on File agreement s today and start collecting more from your patients.
Combined with our Patented Point to Point Encryption and Tokenization solution, storing card data for future patient responsibility has never been easier, or more secure.

Critical steps to develop a profitable practice!

A clear patient financial policy has proven to increase collections.


Leverage the right Patient Financial Policy and Card-on-File templates to improve collections at your private practice.

Together with the latest payment technology, your practice can securely store encrypted and tokenized card data to improve collections.

Following are a few of the ways othe Private Practices are using stored card data on the Go Cardconnect platform:

  • Card-On-File for Co-Pays to streamline check-in

  • Treatment Payment Plans – Divide payments into manageable amounts to improve healthy outcomes.

  • Remaining Patient Balances

  • No-Show fees

Download your Patient Financial Policy and Card on File templates now!