Collecting payments from most of your patients is smooth and seamless. They arrive on-time, they have their paperwork prepared and they are ready for treatment. With a majority of treatment plans consisting of multiple weekly visits over a 4, 6 or 8 week period, you’ll be collecting from your patients quite often. It’s important to have patient payment solutions that are specific to the needs of Physical Therapists.

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Is the process you employ for collecting payments convenient for  your patients?
Whether you’re a cash based Physical Therapist, or you choose to work through Insurance, the manner in which you collect payments will be repeated 10, 15 or 20 times over the course of treatment. Now, multiply that by the number of patients you’re seeing. With so much time at stake, it’s easy to see how important it is to evaluate the many patient payment solutions available for your Physical Therapy practice.
In fact, the best Patient Payment Solutions for Physical Therapists is also the best solution for your patients!
Up Front Contract
Revenue Cycle Management begins with the first interaction with your patient. Many providers are asking their patients to fill in forms on-line, or download and fill in forms, before ever coming into the office. This is the perfect opportunity to not only collect the co-pay, but also secure payments for the continuum of care. Make sure you’re enabling your patients with the tools to pay their bill before they come into the office.
Leverage Technology
Today’s payment technology is enabling Physical Therapists, and all medical providers, to securely store sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Card processing data for future payments. The process known as Point to Point Encryption and Tokenization (P2PE) simply means card data is encrypted at the device (swipe or keyed) to keep sensitive card data out of your network, delivered to a Secure Vault, and a “Token” is returned.
Make Payments Disappear
Setting up automated payments for the products and services we use in our daily life is becoming more and more common.
The ultimate goal in implementing the absolute best Patient Payment Solution for Physical Therapists is to make the process of collecting payment easy and automated. With the “Token” your practice can easily set up payment plans, automatically charge a card on file for each visit, set-up automatic payments at the end of care, or whatever the specific use case you can find at your practice. Today’s patients are ready to adopt technology at your practice.
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