LinkEdge users are accustom to getting things first. The LinkEdge payments strategy is no different. Take EMV. Long before most Point of Sale systems could offer an integrated EMV solution, LinkEdge and Go CardConnect launched afully integrated EMV solution for their entire customer base. With the October 1st Liability Shift for fraudulent transactions driving adoption for EMV, Go CardConnect was ready to assist LinkEdge users and protect them fromlosses due to fraud.
To start accepting Apple Pay for your business today! Get your Free LinkEdge terminal today
Along comes Apple Pay. While many LinkEdge users may not find immediate use for this new payment technology, adoption is rising. And why not? The transaction process is secure, all card data is stored within Apple’s servers and the adoption of mobile payments is growing. In fact, Millennials and higher-income householdslead the pack, with 23% and 35% using contactless payments at least once a week, respectively.
Following are the three primary reasons for LinkEdge user to start accepting Apple Pay now:
1) Apple Pay customers spend more!
Apple Pay users are made up primarily by Millennials and higher income families. A market your business would like to connect with.
2) Faster transaction time
No more “Dip the Chip” and the annoying beeping sounds of EMV. With Apple Pay, simply hold the phone over the LinkEdge terminal, provided by Go CardConnect, and the transaction is processed.
3) Free Terminal Upgrade
The time for LinkEdge users to adopy Apple Pay is now! Get your Free LinkEdge terminal today Contact Go CardConnect today for your free LinkEdge terminal with complete integration with Apple Pay.
Accepting Apple Pay is easy! The process for accepting Apple Pay is built-in to the integrated solution between Go Cardconnect and LinkEdge, and follows the same transaction process as any other card type. The set-up and support is handled exclusively by Go CardConnect, and we even offer one-on-one training to ensure you and your staff understand the entire process.